5 Most Selling Mobile Phone Brand in Bangladesh

The mobile phone market of Bangladesh has experienced remarkable growth in recent decades, with a burgeoning demand for innovative smartphones. As the Bangladeshi tech-concern population continues to expand, several mobile brands have emerged as favorites among consumers. In this article, we will delve into the five best-selling mobile brands in Bangladesh, exploring their key features, popularity factors, and the reasons behind their success.

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5 Most Selling Mobile Phone Brand in Bangladesh

In the dynamic landscape of the Bangladeshi mobile phone market, several brands have risen to prominence due to their innovative features, reliability, and competitive pricing. These brands have managed to capture the attention and trust of consumers, becoming the top contenders in terms of sales and popularity. In this article, we will delve into the world of mobile technology and explore the five most-selling mobile phone brands in Bangladesh, shedding light on what sets them apart and why they have become the go-to choices for a diverse range of users in the country. From cutting-edge features to seamless performance, these brands have managed to strike a chord with Bangladeshi consumers, securing their positions at the forefront of the nation’s mobile phone market.


Samsung is a global tech giant and holds a potential position in Bangladesh’s mobile market. Holding 20.32% of the entire share market Samsung secured the top position in the Bangladesh share market. South Korean brand Samsung is renowned for its cutting-edge technology, sleek designs, and reliable performance, Samsung smartphones have gained widespread acceptance. The brand’s diverse range of offerings caters to various segments of the market, from budget-conscious consumers to those seeking premium flagship models (Galaxy, Note). Samsung’s consistent innovation and brand reputation have cemented its position as one of the top-selling mobile brands in Bangladesh.

5 Most Selling Mobile Phone Brand in Bangladesh


Xiaomi Often called the “Apple of China” has rapidly gained ground in Bangladesh due to its value-for-money proposition. Next to Samsung, Xiaomi occupies 19.04% out of the total mobile market of Bangladesh. This Chinese brand’s affordable smartphones are packed with advanced features that have resonated with consumers looking for high-quality devices at accessible prices. Xiaomi’s strong online presence, strategic marketing campaigns, and a loyal fan base have contributed to its success in the Bangladesh market. Xiaomi’s Redmi series is the most popular one in Bangladesh.


Vivo is another Chinese mobile brand that has a strong position in Bangladesh, the brand absorbing customers by innovative features and impressive design, at the same time Vivo featuring smartphones at an affordable price. Vivo emphasizes cutting-edge features, such as high-quality displays and advanced audio capabilities. Vivo’s commitment to research and development, combined with competitive pricing, has resonated well with Bangladeshi consumers. Approximately 11.6% market share belongs to Vivo in Bangladesh.


Realmeis an emerging Chinese smartphone brand in Bangladesh but still has a strong presence in the share market. Realme is well known for sleek designs and competitive specifications, impressive features and specifications. Realme’s devices often focus on offering good value for money, targeting budget and mid-range segments of the market. Realme has grabbed 10.63% share of the market in Bangladesh within a very short time. Realme “narzo” series is the best selling phone in Bangladesh.


Oppo is introduced as the “Camera Phone” globally, initially Oppo attracts customers by online presences and catchy advertisement. Chinese brand Oppo launched numerous smartphones at affordable prices. Oppo holds 9.3% mobile phone share in Bangladesh. Usually Oppo prioritizes sleek aesthetic design and photography capability, currently, they are expanding their portfolio by launching smartwatches, audio devices and other accessories.

Including the above mentioned prominent brands there are numerous Chinese mobile brands available in the local market of Bangladesh. Remaining 9.54% share market goes to these anonymous brands. The mobile phone market in Bangladesh is thriving, with numerous brands for consumer attention. Samsung, Xiaomi, Vivo, Realme, Oppo have emerged as the front liners, each with its unique strengths and strategies.

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