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Hello and welcome to The Athletic’s live coverage of Argentina vs. Croatia during the first semi-final of the World Cup in Qatar.
Both sides grudgingly agree a spot in the last is up for grabs, with the potential to be just one game away from winning the trophy. Argentina is aiming for their sixth FIFA World Cup final, as Croatia is keen to become the fourth European team ever to reach two consecutive finals.

Argentina vs. Croatia

Messi is ‘all the superheroes in one in Argentina

The sage end could be in the last second for the legend, Lionel Messi. The folks of Argentina actually want him to bring home one more trophy to the country, which could possibly put an end to his great run in the World Cup. Sam Lee went to Argentina to write the fascinating article below. Make sure to give this article a read before the game tonight.


After losing the final in 2014, the Messi boys got knocked out in the round of 16 last time. Considering this, too, they managed a dismal start during the 2022 World Cup. Both the teams from Group F, Morocco, and Croatia, will be playing semi-finals in 2022, though they will do so separately.


Despite the tough match against the Netherlands, Argentina advanced to the FIFA World Cup 2022 semi-finals. The match was tense, ended in a tie, and was eventually won by Messi’s A team as a result of penalty shoot-outs. The team spirit among the La Albicelestes team is at an all-time high, as they all seem as if they are playing in order to see Messi win the World Cup before leaving the stage.


In the Quarterfinals, the 2018 finalists proved far too tough for Brazil, managing to square the score after Neymar’s goal in extra time before prevailing again on penalties. Like it or not, Croatia cannot be disregarded, even if they are not always the most entertaining to watch. The final appearances for the golden generation of many may already be behind them, boasting excellent quality across the board. A number of teams may desire to mimic the synergy produced by this group.

Argentina vs. Croatia live Match

The match between Argentina vs. Croatia Live stream.

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