NU Honours Admission Result 2022-

NU Honours Admission Result 2022 for the academic year 2021-22 has been published. We can check our Honours Admission Result through the university’s official admission website ( If you want to know whether you were admitted to any honours program, you can check your result on the website by entering your application number. The admission notice for National University Honours Admission Result 2021-22 is available on the website. You can see the merit list of NU Admission Result 2021-22 on or You can also see the waiting list for the first merit list of NU Admission Result 2021-22. We will publish the migration result and release slip result of NU Admission Result 2021-22 soon.

NU Honours Admission Result 2022

Honours Admission 2022 Result

National University has published the application form for its honours admission 2020-21 session. All prospective students should sign up for the online application process. Students must apply for honours admission by logging into their application roll and entering their PIN number. NU authority will release the admission result on its website. You can get your result by SMS or directly from any list published by your desired college. There will be three merit lists published in the first phase. In phase two, the second merit list will be published in July.

National University Honours Admission Apply 2022 Result

The result of the NU Honours Admission test has been published. The admission list has been published on the official website of NU ( You can also get the result over the phone and online.

The NU Honours Admission Result 2022 has been published. The admission list has been published on the official website of NU ( You can also get the result over the phone and online.

How to know the Honours Admission Result?

The National University Honors Admission Result 2022 is available on Admissions, the website for the Admissions of National University of Education and Bangladesh, and for the National University of Bangladesh Honors Admission. You can get your Honors Admission Result by sending an SMS from your mobile phone. Results will appear in SMS from 4 pm. Results will be posted at 9 pm on the National University of Bangladesh Admission website. The candidate can receive the result by logging into her admission ticket number and PIN. After being nominated for admission, the student can complete and download the final application form from the dashboard. Follow the instructions below to receive the result in the portal and SMS.

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How to know the Honours Admission Result

Honours release slip Result 2022

The National University of Bangladesh has announced the admission results for its honors program. After completing your HSC, you can apply to NU for admission to its honors program. Apply now, and you’ll be part of the university’s 2020-21 class.

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NU Honours Admission Result 2022

National University Admission Test Result 2022 will be published in three phases. The first phase will be the announcement of the 1st Merit List and the 2nd Merit List. The first migration will be announced alongside the 2nd Merit List and the second migration will be announced alongside the 3rd Merit List. However, no quota results will be published for admission. Also, no quota results will be published for the release slip.

National University Admission Result

Bangladesh National University has announced the Honours Admission Result for 2022. Merit list, migration result, and release slip result can be found on the admission website admission nu edu bd. The result can be known by sending an SMS from any mobile phone.

Honours Merit list 2022

This year, the National University will publish three merit lists instead of two. The university has taken this decision mainly because it will accept students before the other public universities. After the admission to the first merit list, the second merit list will be published. The third merit list will be published at the end of the admission from the 2nd merit list. The admission deadline will be prescribed by the release of each merit list. The student who receives a place on the merit list is obliged to complete the registration within the date allotment. If the quota is not met, his title will be canceled. If someone is not listed in the merit list, she/he will not be considered for the next merit listing. However, he/she may apply for the enrollment slip. The candidate will get the alternate objective facility only if they complete the admission by taking a spot on the merit list. The student may decide which objective option is not accessible during the enrollment.

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3rd Merit List

The candidacy list for the 3rd Merit List will be published after the completion of the 2nd Merit List of the Honours. Candidates who failed to be admitted to the 2nd Merit List will be admitted to the 3rd Merit List, subject to certain college seats being vacant. However, there will be no migration possibilities for the third merit list. If any candidate fails to satisfy the admission within the specified period, his/her nomination will be canceled and she/he will need to apply for a release request form.

Migration Result

Two migration results for Honours Admission Result will be published. The first migration result will be published with the second merit list and the second migration result will be published with the third merit list. No migration results will be published for the release slip. If there are not any seats economically allotted to students of their interest, they can take advantage of the migration, but if they do, they must fulfill the final step of the admission process. The migration facility will not be available in the admissions process is not completed. Migration will be the preferred method. In the case that a student’s subject does not change, then his current subject will keep in effect. Migration will not reverse the course in any way.

The automated process for migrating the student will be completed, but the student can block migration by pressing a button, even as her admission form is filled out. If her downloaded subject name change form is submitted, it’s automatically sent to the new unit.

2nd Migration Result

National University has been Published at 2nd Migration Result Today 5 October. Results can be checked by looking at the website and SMS. It may be checked like the list of titles by inputting the Admission Roll and PIN.

Waiting List

Those that were not on the first merit list of the National University Admission Result are on the waiting list. The second and third merit lists will be published for those students and their offspring who were not on the first merit list if the seats are available. The merit list will be based on the merit score. If you log in to the admission website, you will know your score.

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2nd Merit List

The National University Honours Admission 2nd Merit List has been recognized by the university today to September 2022. Candidates who did not get a subject on the list of National University Honours Admission 1st Merit List will be considered for the 2nd Merit List. Only if there are available seats in the department, will they become listed for the 2nd Merit List subject. Candidates finishing the list of the second merit during the stipulated time have been advised to complete the admission form and migrate, should they have not had sufficient time yet. A release slip will not be accepted as an alternative.

1st Merit List Result 2022

The First Merit List of Honors 1st-Year Admissions to the conventions of the National University of first-class students has been announced for September 2022. For this period, those who are placed on the First Merit List must finish the rest of the admission until September 2022, and complete the admission procedures.

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In conclusion:

The Honours Admission Result 2022 is an important milestone for students who are seeking to pursue higher education. The release of the result provides students with information on the programs that are available to them and the institutions to that they can apply. I urge students to study the admission requirements carefully and make a well-informed decision when applying for honours programs.

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