Top 10 Schools in Rajshahi 2023

Rajshahi is Bangladesh’s primary Education city. It is also a major commercial, and cultural center as well. Among its countless famous colleges, we now extol the Top 10 Schools in Rajshahi 2023.

Top 10 Schools in Rajshahi

Top 10 Schools in Rajshahi 2023

Rajshahi is one of the most important cities in Bangladesh. It is known for its universities and schools. In this article, we will discuss the best 10 schools in Rajshahi in 2023. These schools are some of the best in the city and offer an excellent education to their students.

1. Seroil Government High School, Rajshahi

The Seroil Government High school was established in 1967 in the center of that city. Its facilities include dormitories, a den for scouts, a club for debate, an auditorium, a masjid, a library, and a large area for athletic games. They are more likely than other schools to be on or ahead in their results. In 2018, 79 students competed in the leading exam. From them, 48 students obtained GPA 5 and their overall passing rate was 100 percent. They achieved 57 positions in the country. Gradually, they earned excellent marks in the SSC exam. 121 students appeared in the national exam and their passing rate was 100 percent. 99 students got GPA 5 and their position ranking was 39 in the nation.

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2. Government Laboratory High School, Rajshahi

Government Laboratory High School

Government Laboratory High School was founded in 1969. It is located at Laxmipur, Rajpara, Rajshahi. This is the motto of the school Enter to learn, leave to serve. Each year, many students compete for admissions, and a handful of students will obtain the chance to get in. If we examine their results from the previous year, they performed exceptionally well. In 2018, 123 students appeared in the JSC and their passing rate was 100 percent. 71 of them were given a grade-level GPA of 5. On the other hand, this year 119 students appeared in the JSC Certificate test. 98 of them were given a grade-level GPA of 5 and their passing rate was 100 percent. They achieved 38 positions in the country.

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3. Govt. P.N Girls High School, Rajshahi

Govt. P.N Girls High School

Government P.N. Girls is a high college established in 1928, in Boalia, Rajshahi. It is one of the most famous and biggest schools in Bangladesh. In this college, each student has been able to play an active role in building up the nation for their creative thinking. In 2003 it was awarded the best school in the country by the education ministry. The students put in a tremendous amount of effort to achieve these results, and their students attained a remarkably high grades. In the 2018 JSC exams, 245 students appeared, and the passing rate was 100%. Out of them, 189 students got a GPA of 5, and their national ranking was 22nd place. In the 223 SSC examination, 233 students were regarded and their passing rate was 100. By this time, 188 students had GPAs of 5, and the total index was 27.

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4. Rajshahi Government Women’s College

Rajshahi Government Women’s College is one of the best colleges in Rajshahi. It was established in 1962 with the help of people. It can be found in the Hatem Khan Gorostan Road section of Rajshahi. Their academic performance shows the results of their best. 1317 students passed, and 68 students failed. Their percentage passing rate was 95.1%.

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5. Rajshahi Model School and College

Rajshahi Model School and College opened adjacent to Kazihat in Rajshahi in 2006. It is an autonomous educational institute that mainly teaches students primary to secondary school age. English, as well as Bengali lessons, are taught by residents. The staff is devoted to how well the students perform and reach their academic goals. In the recent JSC exam, 140 students appeared and 40 students scored GPA 5. This means they passed with flying colors, with a 100% pass rate. They had an excellent national rank of 223 out of all regions in the nation. In the HSC exam, 89 students appeared and 24 scored GPA 5. They too had a 100% passing rate and ranked 242 nationally. In the HSC exam, 258 students appeared, and out of them, 21 scored GPA 5. 257 passed and 2 failed.

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6. Rajshahi College

Rajshahi College is the third oldest college in Bangladesh. It was established in 1873. It offers bachelor’s and honors degree courses. It is the third oldest institution of higher education in Bangladesh, after Dhaka and Chittagong colleges. Rajshahi College is one of the oldest colleges in Bangladesh. In 2018, 597 students took the HSC exam. 488 students scored GPA 5, 596 passed, and only one student failed. Their passing rate was 99.8% and their national ranking was 29th.

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7. Rajshahi Govt. Collegiate School

Rajshahi Government Collegiate School (RGCS) is one of the oldest schools in Bangladesh. It was established in 1828 by the British government. The school has a long and distinguished history, producing many notable alumni, including several members of parliament, cabinet ministers, and judges. The school is renowned for its academic excellence, and students regularly achieve top results in national examinations. From 2010 to 2014, every single student from this institute passed the PSC, JSC, and SSC exams with a GPA 5. This means that they are an A+ school. Not many schools can achieve this kind of result, so we can confidently say that this is an excellent institute.

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8. Rajshahi Government City College

Rajshahi Govt. City College is a higher secondary institute that is located in Rajshahi. It was established in 1958. They also offer undergraduate and graduate programs under National University. The skills of the teachers at this institute help students to achieve better results. In 2018, 1,449 students took the HSC exam and 184 students got a GPA of 5. 1,323 students were successful and 126 students failed. Their success rate was 91.3% and their national ranking is 1026.

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9. Rajshahi Cantonment Board School and College

The Rajshahi Cantonment Board School and College were established in 1926. It is located in Boalia, a suburb of Rajshahi, in the country of Bangladesh. This school has three disciplines: Science, Business Studies, and Humanities. This institution has an average of 99.5% JSC passing rate, and 99.5% HSC passing rate. The school has only a day shift. In 2018, 131 students appeared for the JSC exam, and 39 received GPA 5. For their SSC exam, 100% of students passed. But 122 students took the exam and, from them, 57 got a GPA 5. Their national ranking was 135. In the HSC exam, 156 students took the exam and 73 got a GPA 5. Their national ranking was 36.

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10. Mohanogor College

Mohanogor college can be found at Saypara Shah Makhdum Rajshahi. It has a day schedule and was coded EIIN as 126491. It is a Bengali version of the institution. If they look at some of last years’ HSC results 171 people came to the exam and sadly, only a student could get a GPA of 5. 142 individuals passed and 29 people failed. Their percentage of passing was 83%.

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  • Post office- Shah Makhdum
  • Police station- Shah Makhdum

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In conclusion

These are the top 10 schools in Rajshahi that are expected to be the best in 2023. Parents and students should consider these schools when making their decisions about education.

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